How To Get Started With Solar Panels

It’s clean, it’s renewable, and it’s free for life, solar energy is headed towards becoming one of the primary energy sources in the future. Up until few years back, solar power was still a utopian concept. This article will reveal how to get started with solar power by installing solar panels for your home.

Only a few years ago, solar panels sounded appealing but the overall cost of installation kept it restricted to a select few. Over the years solar power solutions have become much more practical. This happened mainly because solar panels have become much more powerful and affordable.

In an attempt to bring the power cost down many homes in the US now have solar panels as a secondary power solution. If you are not sure how to utilise the technology in your apartment, here’s how you should panels


Understand the Solar Panel Technology 

The first thing you need to do before installing anything is understand how the technology works. The more you know the less you have to call the professionals for simple fixes and maintenance work. This part is for people who are completely new to the concept, so skip right ahead if you already know the basics of the technology.

When the sunlight falls on the solar panels fitted on rooftops or sunny areas it converts that into electricity. Now the power generated by the panels is DC or Direct Current, which then goes into an inverter and gets converted into AC or Alternating Current. This is a necessary step because most homes and appliances use AC power to function.

After it’s converted the current then flows in the home’s electrical service panel, which then supplies it to the entire household. Now you can fit a tracking meter to keep a tab on the total power generated by the system. These meters can give you a pretty accurate idea about how much of the produced electricity is being utilized by your home.

How to get started

The technology may sound simple enough but the efficiency of the system depends a lot on placing the solar panels the in the perfect location. Therefore, if you are not confident, it’s best to call in the professionals to fit the panels and the electrical system.

If want to do it yourself then go for a solar panel kit. These easy-to-install kits include solar panels and all the components. Commonly known as PV modules, these kits are also upgradable and let you add more panels as and when you can to increase the power generation. These kits are designed to be installed by end users and thus you can probably fit these without calling the pros.

Why should you go solar?

If you don’t know it already, here’s 5 reasons why you should consider fitting some kind of a solar power solution today.

  • Save Electricity: According to Forbes, an average American household which utilizes a solar power solution saves $84 per month on their electricity bill.
  • Gear Up For The Future: Power cost is only going to get higher and higher because they use exhaustible resources. Solar energy on the other hand is free for life.
  • Get Tax Incentives: By switching to solar power you are entitled to receive Solar Investment Tax Credit. The credit as of now is 30 percent for apartments and independent houses.
  • Eco Friendly: It’s a completely sustainable clean energy source which basically means less pollution.

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