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How To Find A Good Solar Marketing Agency

Marketing truly can make or break your solar business, so finding the right way to go about it is absolutely crucial in setting yourself up for success. If you decide to outsource this area of your business to a Marketing Agency you’ll want to make sure you find the very best one available.

The Search

There are a lot of marketing agencies out there. Almost all of them will claim to be creative, innovative and forward thinking. They may have fancy websites and clever copy which can make it difficult to decipher what they’re actually about.

However, how do you really work out what they’ll be able to offer you and which marketing agency will truly deliver the results that you want?

  1. Set a Task

This is a great way to approach a potential marketing agency. Have a task in your head that you’d like their opinion or help on. This will help to make negotiations and discussions a little more specific and you’ll be able to see how they communicate, how they approach the task and what sort of results they deliver.

In short, you’ll be seeing an exact example of what it would be like to work with them in the future. This is far more effective than simply listening to them pitch for your business.

Marketing Services

  1. Look at Case Studies

You can get a clear idea of what sort of work a marketing agency does by looking at past case studies they have done. Any marketing agency should be open to you requesting information about these and will hand over examples of projects and clients they have worked with.

Always look at the type of industry they have helped to market, the level of clients they work with and the results that they have achieved (don’t be afraid to ask for statistics and numbers here)

  1. Take Recommendations

Word of mouth is a great way to find a good marketing agency. Ask around colleagues or people within a similar industry to find out whether they know of any good marketing agencies and if they’d be happy to share their details with you. You can also look at online testimonials and reviews to get an idea of client satisfaction.

  1. Pitch Perfect?

Always request a potential marketing agency to pitch to you for the business that you’d like to give to them. This requires them to dedicate time to your potential custom and you’ll be able to get a clear idea of how they present themselves, whether they understand your company and the way in which they work.

  1. Continue to Monitor

If you think you’ve find the right marketing agency for you, you’ll most likely decide to go ahead and hire them. However, it’s important not to let either side get complacent and you should continue to monitor the results that they produce for you, requesting reports and updates as and when appropriate.

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