How to Buy Solar Panels and PV Installers

By using Adelaide Solar Energy and PV installers you can save cash in the long term, save energy and help save the planet.  By purchasing solar panels, you will have participated in the campaign to fight against green house effect that is threatening every the fragile ecosystem and planet.

Buying solar panels is not only a noble thing, but the best alternative you can be proud of in Australia. Many households in Australia depend on energy from the solar for their daily livelihood.

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Your Guide to Buying Solar Power System

Duration of Manufacturer’s Warranty of Solar Panels

A warranty from a reputable company should be at least 25 years. This guarantees you about the legibility of the solar panels. Buying a solar is an investment that should live with you for long, and earn you a substantial profit apart from cutting down the electricity bill.

But for the warranty to remain valid depends on whether the manufacturer is still running the business or not. The warranty ceases to be valid when the manufacturer closes down its operations and therefore, you should be cautious with trending brands and choose an established, widely used manufacturer.

Choosing A Solar Panel Installer

Always ensure that the person installing solar at the top of your roof is qualified and accredited to do so. If you qualify for the solar credits rebate that guarantees you solar installation by an accredited installer. Check to see if you qualify for the solar credits rebate. This will guarantee your solar panels will be installed by accredited professional… at a discounted rate.

Make sure you do your research to ensure the prices you pay are competitive.


Ask friends, family and colleagues about what installers and solar packages they bought for their homes.

Ask about their experiences and if they have any positive recommendations.

Solar Inverter Efficiency

Check on the solar efficiency and performance before buying. Note that a good inverter lowers possible wastage of electricity and decrease the time it would take the appliance to pay back the money invested in it. The leading brands of inverters in Australia include Aurora and SMA.

Decide On the Solar Type

There are different types of solar panels in the market today. The choice of the solar panel you buy should be based on the power output and the size of your roof. If you have solar panel roller blinds, this may also impact on your decision.

Therefore, with a small roof you are advised to buy small and highly efficient solar panels, mono-crystalline models, which are expensive on the market, but worth the price.

There are also the thin film panels that have come as a result of changing technology and the need for cheaper panels. Go for the panel that meets the needs of your home and budget.

Solar Panel Certification

Solar panels of reputable quality are expensive to say the least, but they can earn you government rebate. The advantage with certified panels is that they have been tested by an independent body and have met the outlined specifications that come with them. Most of the certifications are done internally by the manufacturing firm and hence difficult to determine if the products meet the outlined specifications.

Buying a solar panel can only be the best option if you get quality product from a reputable site and a right person to install for you.

Do not rush in you decision when buying solar panels; consult experts in the solar industry and keep up to date on social media for the latest news and products.